Like A Queen by Constance Hall


Where to buy it:
When can I get my hands on it: Now!
What can I expect: Feminism, pregnancy, motherhood, auto-biography, inspiration

Crowns are slowly built on your head and you don’t even know it’s happening.
I was forced to value myself as a good friend, a mother who would die for her children, an artist, a hilarious Queen who didn’t need her dad, who didn’t need Bill, whose life was worth so much more than a number on the scales.

After following Constance Hall for months on her Facebook page and loving her outlook on life experiences and her guidance with being a kick-ass woman, I was very gleeful when she announced that she had written a book!

‘Like A Queen’ is a great read. It is basically an autobiography of Constance becoming a mother, handling 4 young kids and adjusting to that life. She also writes anecdotes on her relationship with her husband, Bill and briefly, her childhood.

Constance has written this book so well. She is hilarious but also very heartfelt with her anecdotes, which makes you feel connected to Constance and through her, all women. She doesn’t hold anything back, her anecdotes on her life are so raw and real. When she talks about her weight gain during pregnancy, and her struggle with losing weight after giving birth, she writes:

The only real way to break the vicious cycle of weight gain is to gain comfort in your body without needing it to change… love the fuck out of that fat roll…

Our unhappiness doesn’t need validating at all- we are entitled to it. People expect way to much of us, our lives have been filled with the most unrewarding jobs, thankless tasks, we are working too hard for not enough money, we are being played against each other via advertising campaigns. Even the fact that our bodies are so superior that they can create life and then go on to feed that life has somehow been used against us.

But her most important message that Constance has for us is that we, as women, need to stick together, we need to stand united and not succumb to bitching and bullying and excluding, because we are already fighting against our own inequality in society, we shouldn’t be fighting amongst ourselves.

If you’re using other Queens’ hardships to make yourself feel better, we will never change society. The only way we will find ourselves living in an equal society is by doing the exact opposite, the opposite to what every channel, every ad, every website is telling us to do.

Constance’s Like A Queen is funny, smart, insightful, inspiring and empowering. This is a fantastic read for any woman out there to just feel… good.

And with these parting words from Constance, I will leave you:

An empowered woman is a kind woman, one who sees the beauty in another woman, one who lends her hand to a fellow woman, one who empathises, one who recognises her own unique beauty.


Amy xx


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