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When her marriage ends, December Doyle returns home to Christmas Creek. Will she conquer her fear of heartbreak? A heart-warming novel about betrayal, ambition and the power of love.
After a disastrous marriage, December Doyle has returned to her home town to try to pick up the pieces of her life and start again. She’s also intent on helping breathe new life into the Christmas Creek township, so the last thing she needs is trouble.

Bad boy Seth Hunter has also returned to Christmas Creek, and trouble is his middle name. Wrongly convicted of a serious crime in his youth, Seth is now a successful businessman, but he’s intent on settling some old scores.
As teenagers, December and Seth were madly in love, and seeing each other again reawakens past feelings. But will Seth be able to overcome his destructive anger about the past, and can December conquer her fear of heartbreak to make their relationship third time lucky?

By the bestselling author of Second Chance Town, this compelling novel is about betrayal, ambition and the power of forgiveness – and love.

Where to buy it: QBD the Bookshop, paperback, $29.99iBooks BooktopiaAmazon

When can I get my hands on it: Now!

What can I expect: Broken hearts, mended hearts, family bonds, love through time, high country Victoria setting, Christmas galore!

I really enjoyed reading my first Karly Lane novel. Adapted from a novella, December’s Wish published in 2013, this full length novel was a delight.

I will admit I was hesitant in reading this, it’s my first rural romance and hopefully not my last!

Now, down to business, fan of Christmas books that I am, and fan of romance novels that I am, I will always jump at the chance to read something that combines both of my literary loves. Third Time Lucky gave me all those warm and fuzzies that Christmas gives you, especially the sit in front of a fire with woolly jumpers and hot chocolate kind, but it also gives you that something extra with the romantic element to the story.

December Doyle is a very human character and I saw a lot of myself in her, I always love a book where the characters are so real that you become them while you’re between the pages.
It is so common to feel the kind of pressure she feels from her family and to always be doing the right thing and trying not to step on anyone’s toes, even if it is to the detriment of your own happiness.
She had so much to deal with, finding love, losing it, finding it again, losing it again, then finding it and almost losing it again, debts, infidelity, behinds the scenes string pulling, secrets, the loss of a business she was passionate about. But through it all she remained true to her love of her town and her mission to bring happiness to everyone.

I thoroughly enjoyed Karly Lane’s writing style and found myself instantly interested in reading through to the end. I’m almost disappointed I didn’t have this to read on my holiday or over Christmas! Almost, but I am super glad I got it to read earlier!

I can only pick really minor flaws in this book, and one of the main ones for me is the inconsistency in chapter length, there were two chapters that were incredibly long while most of the others were 4-8 pages in length. Like I said minor. Plot wise, I was kind of disappointed I didn’t get to read about the spoilery event towards the end in more detail, but I totally get it was because there needed to be a sense of urgency conveyed at that point in the storyline.

On to the man candy. Seth Hunter, marry me please? He is the quintessential bad boy made good, and his little hint of vengeance is super duper sexy. To know that there is one other person in the world who is willing to do anything for you, including altering their revengy business plans so your family doesn’t suffer, must be very nice. I’d imagine quite floaty and freeing. As you read through Seth’s history, you can see that December is everything to him and he is using his horrible childhood as a way to better himself at all costs, you have so much sympathy for him, you just want to cuddle him close and make him feel better.

I loved Third Time Lucky and would recommend it to anyone who loves a romance, set in Australia, the Victorian high country to be exact, but also to people who are weird like me and mostly read Christmas themed books in December. I’d also love to know what you think of this one if you have read the original novella!

Final rating: 4/5 stars

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-Sam xxoo


Karly Lane is the best-selling author of nine novels including Second Chance Town, Gemma’s Bluff, and Bridie’s Choice. A certified small town girl, Karly is most happy in a little town where everyone knows who your grandparents were. Her novels range from romantic suspense to family saga, and she is passionate about writing stories that embrace rural Australia and the vast communities within it. She lives on the beautiful Mid North Coast of NSW with her husband and four children.

• Twitter: @karlylane
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• Instagram: karly_lane_author
• Website:

Third Time Lucky by Karly Lane is published by Allen & Unwin, RRP $29.99, available now.


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