Manicare Cosmetic Brush Cleaner

I don’t usually use brush cleaner at all to clean my make-up brushes. Whilst it is important to keep your brushes clean so that your make-up goes on your face with a smooth finish, it is also super important because it keeps your face cleansed in general (not adding dirty make-up that’s still on your brush while applying the fresh make-up). When I clean my brushes, I generally just use a little bit of shampoo and warm water to wash up the weekly build up of foundation and powder.

I decided to use this product because I thought it might be a good in-between clean after giving my brushes a good wash every week. However when I got the cleaner home and smelt it, it had a pretty potent aroma. Manicare promoted the cleaner as having a coconut fragrance which admittedly it did have a distinct hint of coconut, but also mixed in was another scent that was sort of alcoholic or even a chemical odor. Something that you may use to clean the bathroom with but not something that I would enjoy my make-up brushes smelling like, especially as I am putting it close to my face and nose!

However, I did decide to carry on. So I followed the instructions and sprayed the cleaner onto a tissue and started wiping my brush onto the tissue. I will admit that the brush was quite dirty, but I felt like it didn’t really break up the oil of the make-up and remove it like the instructions promised. I rinsed the brush for a while under the tap and it still didn’t remove the make-up that easily. I repeated the instructions about three times on the same brush to see if there was any change to removing the make-up and it didn’t make any difference.

So sorry folks, I tried, but I will be using an alternative method to cleaning my brushes next time! But if you do want to check it out for yourself, here’s a link Manicare Cosmetic Brush Cleaner

Amy xx


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