To Prime or Not to Prime?

Colour correcting is the latest craze to hit the beauty market and I’ll be honest, I’m not a fan and here’s why. I hate having excess thick products on my skin! Having to colour correct just means layering thick products, which ultimately looks heavy and cakes up throughout the day. Also, it is just another time consuming step on a busy morning that doesn’t really benefit your overall look. If you’re like me and you like the idea of colour correcting but hate the reality of it, primers are a great substitute. To prime or not to prime? There are so many conflicting opinions when it comes to primers. Some makeup artists swear by them while others believe they make no difference. I personally love primers! If you use them properly they really do make a massive difference to your makeup. Here are some tips of how to use primers to colour correct and to correct any other skin concerns.


Using a green based primer will help reduce redness. Some great options include the Stila one step correct ($54.00 AUD) and the NYX anti-redness photo loving primer ($19.95 AUD).

Textured skin

Uneven skin texture (acne, fine lines, etc) can be smoothed using a smoothing primer like the Maybelline instant age rewind face primer ($16.95 AUD).



Moisturising is a step you should never skip! Even if you have oily skin, moisturising can help reduce oil build up throughout the day. Hydrating your skin reduces the need for your skin to produce excess oils throughout the day. If you have dry skin, adding a moisturising primer on top of your moisturiser can help prevent your foundation from caking up throughout the day. Good hydrating primers include the Too Faced hangover primer ($48.00 AUD) and the Models Prefer energy lift revitalising primer ($16.99).

Enlarged Pores

A lot of foundations claim they minimise the appearance of pores; however, a lot of them do fail to live up to their claims. A great way around this is using a pore minimising primer. Some good options are the Too Faced primed and poreless smoothing primer ($44.00) and the Hourglass veil mineral primer ($81.00).


Using a mattyfying primer can help control shine throughout the day. The Smashbox photo finish foundation primer ($54.00 AUD) works well at controlling oil build up.



Okay, here’s where primers kind of suck for me. I personally have not come across a primer that has significantly improved the longevity of my foundation. What does really work for me though is setting sprays. I notice a huge difference in longevity when I use a setting spray. My favourite at the moment is the Maybelline master fix setting spray ($15.95).



Primers have a thin consistency that are designed to sink into the skin. If you have more than one thing you are trying to correct on your skin, then try using more than one primer. The trick is to give the first primer a couple of minutes to really settle into the skin before you apply the second primer. Even if you are only using one primer I still recommend giving it time to sink into the skin and work its magic.

Now you can happily throw away your thick colour correcting products and bathe yourself in the lightweight beauty of primers!

Zena xxx


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