Zoeva Naturally Yours Eye-Shadow Palette

A few weeks ago I picked up the Zoeva Naturally Yours palette from Sephora ($38.00 AUD). It looked really pretty and I was killing time because I was too early for a meeting and the girl at Sephora was very convincing saying things like “Hi, how are you today?” and “Your hair is so nice”… so I bought it. Off the bat, the packaging feels like a thick cardboard and is very light weight. I’m not a fan of the packaging, I hate cardboard palettes as they damage easily and look cheap.


The shadows are free from parabens, mineral oils, fragrances and phthalates. They also contain Vitamin E. The palette comes with ten shades, five matte and five shimmer. The colours are a mixture of both cool and warm tones, with the majority leaning slightly towards the cooler side.

The shadows swatch beautifully and are very pigmented. I will say that the colours are not true to pan. They do swatch differently on the skin. Despite this, the colour range is still very beautiful.

Shimmer shades (left to right): Casual Elegance, Smooth Harmony, Sweet Sound, Forever Yours, Lovely Monday

Matte shades  (left to right): Timeless Chic, Slow Dance, Soft and Sexy, Pure, First Love

I have used this palette every day for a week and here are my final thoughts.


These shadows are very pigmented. The colour payoff for minimal product is amazing for both the matte and shimmer shades and fallout is minimal.


These shadows blend like a dream. I barely had to put in any effort. The down side of this is that it is very easy to over blend the shadow to the point where the colour fades. However, the shadows layer really well and are very pigmented so that wasn’t really a major concern for me.


This is where this palette fails in my opinion. These shadows crease like crazy! In under ten minutes I had creasing!! I tried using these shadows with and without an eye-shadow base. I tried both setting and not setting the eye-shadow base and I tried multiple bases, including my Mac prep and prime 24 hour extended eye base ($35.00 AUD) which has never failed me, even when using poor quality shadows. I generally apply my eye-shadow before my foundation and I found that by the time I had finished applying my foundation and concealer my eye-shadow had creased. The strange thing is the shimmer shadows don’t transfer into the crease! It’s so weird, the shimmer shadows sit well on the lid but any shadow in the crease just doesn’t last. I tried using both matte and shimmer in the crease just to test the shadows. I don’t usually put a shimmer shadow in my crease. Both the matte and shimmer shades crease very quickly. These shadows don’t fade over time but the consistent re-blending needed throughout the day ends up compromising the pigment.

Final Rating: 3/5

Will I still use this palette? Yes, because the shadows are beautiful and let’s be serious I coughed up $38.00 for the bastard. However, when using them I will reach for other shadows for the crease and restrict these shadows to the mobile lid. Overall, I don’t think this palette is worth the price tag because your eyes will look like shit in under five minutes. Also, having to restrict the colours to the mobile lid has made the palette less versatile for me. All in all I was disappointed.

Zena xxx




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