Sally Hansen’s Miracle Gel


So this week I decided to try out the Sally Hansen’s Miracle Gel Nail polish range. I do love painting my nails, generally a different colour every week! As a lot of people I have spoken to seem to be using this new gel at home stuff, I thought it’s high time that I invest a little more in nail polishes (I’m usually a $5 in the bargain bin kinda gal) and see if this range is really is worth a crack.

And happy me! It does! These polishes hold together well and they dry with a smooth finish. They do seem to take a little longer than usual nail polishes to dry, so it’s a great chance to relax and sit down for a movie or perhaps read a book for an hour or so, to make sure they don’t get smudged on anything. When they do dry they have a thicker layer than normal polishes and seem to have more shine and vibrancy of colour.

At the moment I am wearing the colour Freesia Your Mind and loving myself sick in the bright festive colour that is perfect for spring being just around the corner.

BREAKTHROUGHS Sally Hansen Miracle Gel

Amy xx


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