Should you invest in your cosmetics?

If you are like me and have spent long minutes standing in front of a cosmetic display trying to justify spending your money on another eyeshadow palette, foundation or mascara with thoughts like…

“This one has colours I don’t have…”

“Maybe just as a back-up…”

“Well it is on sale…”

“Maybe I won’t eat meat for the rest of the week…”

“I wonder if rent ever goes on sale…”

So, for all you beauty bargain seekers out there, I have composed a little guide as to where I think you should and should not invest, cosmetic wise.

Foundation and Concealer:

Foundation does depend on your skin type. If you have very sensitive skin then definitely invest in higher-end base products. They generally have better ingredients that won’t irritate your skin.

However, if you generally don’t react from make-up there a great range of affordable foundations available for various skin types. I will say that from personal experience, higher end foundations and concealers do wear better throughout the day. They have a longer wearing time and sit better on the skin after a few hours of wear. If you’re a self-tanning kind of gal, invest in colour correcting drops as opposed to multiple foundations with different colours. It will be a lot easier to match your foundation to your skin as you go through the fading phase.

The body shop shade adjusting drops ($29.95 AUD) and  Cover FX custom cover drops ($72.00 AUD) are both great options.

Bronzer and Blush:

Save. Bronzers and blush are generally things you change from day to day depending on the overall look you’re trying to achieve. Brands like Maybelline, L’Oreal and Rimmel carry a great range of affordable products that blend easily and wear well over the day*. Instead of investing in one bronzer/blush you can have a few affordable products in your collection to switch between depending on your mood.

*If you find your bronzer or blush gets patchy throughout the day it may be the product or the way you wear it. Make sure to set your base product with a powder before applying other powder products. Applying bronzer/blush on a wet base will result in patchiness. Dry skin sufferers should reach for a loose powder, while oily skinned girls can use either pressed or loose powder.

The Rimmel natural bronzer ($15.95 AUD) and the Maybelline master hi-light blush ($19.95 AUD) are some of my favourites.


Save. Mascara has to be changed every few months because they run out or dry out depending on how often you use it. It is not worth a $40+ price tag when you have to re-purchase so often.


My favourite mascara at the moment is the L’Oreal Paris false lash butterfly sculpt mascara ($25.95 AUD).


Save. If you’re like me lip colours are something you change on a daily basis. I like having a variety of lip colours to choose from and purchasing affordable products can help you achieve that. However, from experience I have found that higher end products have less transfer and wear better.

My favourite affordable liquid lipsticks are the Chi Chi creamy matte liquid lipsticks ($16.95 AUD)  and the NYX liquid suede cream lipsticks ($14.95 AUD).


Spend and Save. Investing in a high-end neutrals palette and purchasing more affordable vibrant colours is a great way to get the best of both worlds. Higher-end eyeshadows really are easier to work with and will crease less on the eye. Neutrals are the colours you wear more, even in a vibrant look. A neutral shadow will act as a transition shade and help with blending. The more affordable vibrant colours you will only use sporadically, so they generally are not worth the investment.

A good neutrals palette is the Tartelette in bloom clay palette ($67.00 AUD). For more vibrant colours NYX Avant Pop palettes ($34.95) are a great option.


I hope these tips help you justify your goo-hording purchases.


Zena  xxx


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  1. Naomi Louise says:

    Thanks Zena, very useful information!!


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